Newt Gingrich, Celebrity Historian, When Did God ‘Invent Palestinians?’ Where Is It Written?

Newt, all of what we know as COUNTRIES, were created by man. Wikipedia gives us this information about Palestine:

Palestine (Greek: Παλαιστίνη, Palaistinē; Latin: Palaestina; Hebrew: ארץ־ישראל Eretz-Yisra’el, formerly also פלשת, Peleshet; Arabic: فلسطين‎ Filasṭīn, Falasṭīn, Filisṭīn) is a conventional name, among others, used to describe the geographic region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and various adjoining lands.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

The boundaries of the region have changed throughout history, and were first defined in modern times by the Franco-British boundary agreement (1920) and the Transjordan memorandum during the British Mandate for Palestine. Today, the region comprises the country of Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Palestine is also used to refer to the State of Palestine which, since the Palestinian Declaration of Independence in 1988, has referred to a state in the Palestinian territories on 22% of the British Mandate.[7] The State of Palestine is recognized today by approximately two-thirds of the world’s countries, although this status is not recognized by the United Nations, Israel and major Western nations such as the United States.

Other terms for the same area include Canaan, Zion, the Land of Israel, Syria Palaestina, Southern Syria, Jund Filastin, Outremer, the Holy Land and the Southern Levant.

Disgraced Speaker and Mrs. Newt Gingrich

Mr. Gingrich, your insult to the Palestinian people is the most racist pronouncement a so-called historian could make for an American in the public eye.  The fears about what could happen to America and, indeed, the world, if we foolishly voted you President of the United States have merit. Pundits say you care about no one but your wife and are driven by your own agenda, which I call Nutty-Newtism.  It is a shame that in these hard times when so many Americans have no jobs, are losing their homes and can see no hope of attaining the “American Dream,” so much money will be wasted in promoting you as qualified for the nomination of the Republican Party.  Or, perhaps I am wrong.  There might be a small segment of voters who share look on the world which is not in the best interest of our nation…or our neighbors (in the Biblical sense). God Save the World from Newton LeroyNewtGingrich! (and the power behind the throne).

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