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Herman Appeared on MSNBC & Wasted Our Time by Not Offering Anything of Substance. He Only Wanted “Softball Questions” and Remains an Amusing Figure…Only!

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I was really pissed when I heard Herman Cain refuse to speak up for black people who have been the victims of racist campaign rhetoric by Cain’s white, former co-candidates for the Republican nomination for President. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have talked about blacks preferring a handout rather than earning a paycheck and ‘buying’ their food with earned cash instead of Food Stamps. Newt Gingrich even wrongly called our first black president, our “Foodstamp President.”  It has been widely reported that USDA records indicate that 34% of foodstamp recipients are white, 22% are black and 17% are hispanic(non-white).  Gingrich and Santorum (and no doubt others) continue to spread their lies without condemnation from their black GOP colleague, Herman Cain.  I guess Newt would say that Herman Cain is too “timid” to oppose him. Herman, do you realize that you are now on record as approving of and conspiring in the oppression of black people, poor people and the middle-class?  Don’t be surprised if black people start spitting on you!

You won’t believe this. Herman is deluded and thinks he leading “The 9-9-9 Revolution” although he cannot skillfully articulate what “9-9-9” means and how it truly would help the poor and the middle-class. Hmmm.  Maybe that’s it: It’s not supposed to!.  Hey, Cain did describe himself a “Koch brother from a different mother.”  So, Herman Cain is working in support of the TOP 1%!  Having lifting himself out of the daily realities of being BLACK, he now closely identifies himself his white supporters (public and private). Is this the definition of the Stockholm Syndrome?

Herman, you called us black people “fools for being democratic.” Herman, we both know who is the real fool here. Well, brother, don’t spend all of your book and speaking profits on this new and mis-guided avocation. It was said in jest that your “unconventional endorsement” before the SC Primary might mean you are going to renew your fruitless campaign.  Heaven protect us!

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New CNN Poll Says Romney is Surging in South Carolina

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is surging in South Carolina and now has a solid lead over his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, according to a new CNN/Time/ORC International poll released today.

The poll also shows that former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum‘s support in South Carolina has soared, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich‘s numbers have nose-dived.

South Carolina holds the first in the south contest in the race for the nomination with its critical January 21 primary.

According to the poll, 37% of likely GOP primary voters in South Carolina say they are currently backing Romney, nearly double his most recent support from CNN’s last South Carolina survey conducted early last month. The new poll was conducted Wednesday and Thursday, after Romney’s eight-vote victory over Santorum in Tuesday night’s Iowa caucuses.

Santorum had 19% support in the survey, up from 4%, and Gingrich was at 18%, down from 43% in the ea rly December poll.” [CNN]

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Heavenly Father, please remove Satan‘s blinders from eyes of Rick Santorum. Please open his ears to Jesus’ ministry of peace, love and tolerance. And, please remove the shackles which bind his mind to the false belief that, he, Rick Santorum, imperfect mortal, knows how “things are supposed to be,” to use his words. And, to use Herman Cain‘s mother’s words, “Bless his little heart.”

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“The Truth Behind Mitt Romney’s Corporations Are People”

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From the Majority Report, M-F 11:30am EST at http://Majority.FM:

Sam breaks down what Mitt Romney said and meant when he told a crowd in Iowa that “corporations are people.”

Full show:




2012 will witness possibly the nastiest election money and the Republican Party can thrust upon us. As we watch the country sink to its lowest level in morality and true patriotism, we must never forget who gave the Republicans (and the secret power structure which pays for their existence) license to legally use their wealth to affect the outcome of elections operating in the dark without our knowing who they are or what they are doing. Citizens United is the license I cite. That decision from the US Supreme Court made corporations ‘super people’ with greater voice and rights than we human people have. Although we human people have the ballot, corporations can “fix” our elections through the power of money, which you will remember from Sunday School, “is the root of all evil.” There is a secret meeting coming up in Texas where Republican powerbrokers will decide how to “fix” the election in November. The Republicans on the Court opened Pandora’s Box. President Obama and The Congress must re-close it!


Did you see Rick Santorum at the “Family, Faith and Freedom” conference in New Hampshire yesterday.  Rick how can you laud family values and faith when (at the same time) you would deny freedom to millions of Americans? GAYS? BLACKS?  Can you spell, h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?  Rick, you said you would not try to legislate your personal opinions derived from your catholic upbringing. Did you not hear Satan’s words coming out of your mouth yesterday when you injected your “personal opinions” into your campaign appearance.  Sir, did the nuns not teach you how to recognize lying when you see, hear or speak it?  Look at the scars they inflicted on your hands as a visual aid to help you reclaim Jesus’ message of love and tolerance which I am sure they preached. Rick, I am sure you think you are right on most things, but, you are just a dictator waiting in the wings. WE WANT TO BE FREE…JUST LIKE THE SANTORUM FAMILY!

Rick Santorum faces off with New Hampshire students on gay marriage



On his show, “Politics Nation,” Rev. Al Sharton (MSNBC) opened my eyes Wednesday.  I had paid little attention to Rick Santorum thinking he was innocuous. But, Rev. Al said, “Rick Santorum may be the most extreme right-wing candidate in the race.” As I write about what I have learned about Rick Santorum recently, I now see him as a “Wolf in Rick’s Clothing.” America, beware RICK SANTORUM!

It seems that Rick’s  background of coming from a humble, immigrant background has had no effect of making Rick an open-minded, progressive, pro-diversity and progressive American. Rick’s love for his grandfather who worked in a coal mine until he was 72 did not make him a man of the people, either.  Rick talks about black people like a devout racist. There is no doubt that he is an un-American Roman Catholic power-grabber who seeks to increase Republican oppression of the poor and the middle-class to swell the bank accounts of the “TOP 1%”. They are false job creators who neither toil nor sweat for their low Bush Tax Cuts which were supposed to create jobs for the masses – black and white!  Rev. Al asks, “Where are the jobs?”  I say, they are non-repenitent thieves!

When I was a teenager, the country came to realize that there would be no intrinsic harm in having a Catholic President, John F. Kennedy, who pledged that the Pope would not dictating to the Whitehouse. I have heard no such pledge from Rick Santorum. Perhaps the Pope does not figure in Rick’s life(?) Yet he wants to force his Catholic religion on us forcing America to reverse her enlightened, evolved protestant values. Rick, 53% of Americans are pro-same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. A President Santorum would

  • Reverse the law repealing “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” evidenced by your refusing to admonish your audience who booed a soldier doing his patriotic duty of fighting for America on foreign shores simply because he said he was gay. By doing so, you disgraced the entire military that would want to call you “Commander-in-Chief.”  That would be sacrilege! Millions of Americans saw you on TV approving of discrimination by your silence! God bless and keep America from your sins!  How could you think that a feeble excuse would be acceptable and that later you can say, you support that soldier.  His name is known. Why haven’t you reached out to him and offered a personal AND PUBLIC apology for hearing loss when under pressure of making up answers to political questions…on the fly?  Sincerity demands it!
  • Establish one marriage law for all 50 states and invalidate marriages to same-sex couples already married. You would force gays and lesbians back into their closets and deprive them of rights you enjoy and rights which your family wanted so much they renounced their country of origin to obtain them. Can you smell the hyprocisy? My family was brought here in chains.  It took hundreds of years of suffering and death to achieve the level of freedom blacks and other minorities have attained. You, Rick Santorum, enjoy the full freedoms that come with being born with white skin.  Were you black, your outlook on the world would be vastly different.  Perhaps God will grant you that opportunity with your own version of “It’s a Wondeful Life.”  Then I might not fear a President Santorum.
  • Decrease federal aid to minorities, the disabled, the elderly and those too stupid to have been born smart and white.  BTW, Newt Gingrich, your best friend, does not know that there are more whites on Food Stamps than blacks.
  • Return certain federal power to the states ignoring how many states cannot blance their budgets without misusing Stimulous money you Republicans object to in prinicpal but welcome when it helps Republican governors keep their jobs! Rick why do you long for the evils of “States Rights?”


Santorum: I’ll Protect Your Tax Dollars From Black People

Rick Santorum black people 2012

Journalist, John Heilemann, Looks at Santorum

Does anyone know if Rick Santorum thinks he’ll self-combust if he admits to being the  bold liar this post proves him to be?