Racism: What is there to gain? Racism: America loses!

I was so disappointed in the November election because so many voters returned Tea Party legislators to Congress after they showed how little they regard real-world problems and real solutions for America as the nexus of the world.  They should have been punished for their crazy behavior in Congress that cost us our “AAA” rating with Standard and Poors.  Yesterday, the Fitch rating agency warned that if we don’t settle our current fiscal crisis and gridlock in our government, they will lower our credit rating with them.  Do the crazies in Congress care? No!  They think that their gumming up the works of government is a holy mission.  The Tea Party does not see how wrong they are as a caucus.  They are a small group in the House, I am told. But, they exercise power over Speaker Boehner.  Mr. Boehner, your words about what the American people think, want, need are hollow.  The people back Barack Obama.  (Check the polls!) Why don’t you try negotiating with President Obama and create a bipartisan team that the people will rally around.  My heart tells me it would work.

I watch the news all day.  I listen to the talking heads detail how the Republican Party has infected our government at all levels.  They control local and state governments, but, what good have they done?  What is their mission?  To build…or to destroy?  They are bereft of ideas and, lacking relevance, they stir the pot with attacks on women, abortion, Planned Parenthood, contraception and gun ownership. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR NEED FOR JOBS?  How many jobs havefightarticle_elephant_and_donkey Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell created?  Why were Sandy Hook victims not treated the same as they treated victims of Katrina? Crazies. Crazies at every turn!  Like stubborn children they refuse to do what they were sent to Washington to do:  TO NEGOTIATE AND MAKE LAWS TO BETTER THE NATION.  They have forgotten their oaths and America’s place in the world.  They are only roadblocks to a brighter future.  Who has the courage to fix our broken Congress?  Will we keep doing the same things over and over hoping for a different result?

I am a Democrat marooned in a “red state.”  I write to the Republicans who represent my state.  I try to appeal to their better nature, patriotism and love for state and country.  The responses they give me are polite but these Republicans cannot be dissuaded.

After the last four years, I see that many Americans are still hung up on having a black president who has been successful even though the Republican Party conducted a war on him.  There is so little work going on in the House that it has become a part-time job with 3 or 4 days of real work.  Why?  Are they so caught up in racism that they will make President Obama’s second term a battle to keep an “uppity black man,” (Read n*gger.) down?  How close to zero will the public’s opinion of Congress fall?

White Americans: People of color have made more babies than you.  Accept that America is destined to be more diverse.  Our fore-fathers gave us “E Pluribus Unum.  Day-by-day it is becoming more and more real.  For over 200 years we have subscribed to high-sounding words of patriotism.  Today black_babyit is time to accept the reality of equality for all Americans.  Now when one says, “I am an American,” the listener does not automatically conjure up a picture of a white man. Stopping the functioning of our government will not change reality.   Barack Obama won the election and won more popular votes than any presidential candidate in history.  Republicans, Tea Party, Independents and Democrats:  Accept the truth and let’s work together –black,white and brown–to solve our deficit problems, gun control issues, jobs crisis, etc.  Truly, we are one people!

The crazies are talking about guns, secession, killing neighbors, etc.  Is America dissolving into anarchy?  Christ told us to look for signs of his second coming.  Is Revelation (in the Bible) being played out before our very eyes?  Are we actors in our own destruction?  Hold on to your guns and read those Bibles you cling to.  Jesus is coming…and soon!  —GoodOleWoody

Official portrait of United States House Speak...
Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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